20 Facts About Me

Ever have one of those “this will be so hard because it’s too easy” sort of situations? 

Welcome to my boat… we’re going through tough waters to nowhere… you may want a life jacket 😉


In an effort to open up and let you all get to know me, I thought it would be a nice change to make a list instead of a typical introduction. Plus, I love lists! 

So here goes nothing:

1. I grew up in a small town & now currently live in the neighboring small town.

2. Photography is a hobby I absolutely love & hope to grow into a business someday.

3. I obsess over motivational quotes.

4. Whenever we buy a house, no doubts, I’m getting  my dream dog… either a German Shepard or a Bluetick Coonhound.

5. Hallmark movies get me every time. I’m a sucker for the adorable romance.


6. I bought myself a truck on Valentine’s Day three years ago… shortly before I met the love of my life.

7. I love candles! My boyfriend actually just bought me one today and it’s by far one of my all-time favorites already. He got it from Tractor Supply, but it’s made from Swan Creek Candle Co. Soooo good & not expensive! (Currently enjoying it burn right now lol)

8. My go-to alcoholic drink is a margarita. Any flavor, any size… just gimme sugar not salt. 

9. I have a typical addiction to Pinterest. I use it more than and instead of Google a lot of the time.

10. Visiting every state is one of my lifetime goals and secretly would love to do so as a honeymoon.

Seriously guys, this is hard.

11. I’m pretty into country music… but I like to jump over to 80’s rock and roll and some pop music every now and then.

12. I live with the silliest and the weirdest guy on earth, but he keeps me laughing, makes sure I work towards my goals, hugs like no other, and loves me unconditionally… so I love him too 😉 We’ve been together for almost 3 years now. I can’t say every moment has been our finest, but our good times are better than ever 🙂

13. The Home Goods store & Michaels make me go broke. 

14. I read a lot about (and practice) eating and living organic. It’s amazing what you’ll find out, believe me.

15. Coffee ♡

Home Goods buys. #goingbroke #ohwell

16. I love to learn new things… it’s why I have a thousand different interests. I’m getting better though 😉

17. I own too many blankets. If the world freezes over, I’ll be all set.

18. A Jeep Wrangler is my ultimate dream vehicle. I’d love to buy a fixer upper and make it my very own. One day it will happen! 

19. I have this thing for positivity & kindness. It’s addicting & I think everyone needs to jump on that bandwagon.

20. I am constantly writing lists, but when it’s not about doing the laundry and what groceries to buy, it gets a little challenging. 

On that note, I made it! There is definitely so much more about me I could dish out, but I’ll save that for a rainy day when I have nothing else to write about 😉

xoxo, Heather


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